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Ahmet Akdag

Executive Director

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Ahmet founded the Middle America Impact Network (MAIN) after 8 years of experience in entrepreneurship and working with small to medium businesses as a strategy consultant. He decided to transition into social entrepreneurship with the goal of providing resources and knowledge that help individuals develop entrepreneurial traits that will help them achieve self-sufficiency.

Ahmet is a first-generation immigrant who grew up in NYC and first-generation college graduate in his family. At 19, he started a trucking company with his father before launching Styremont at 20, the consulting company he currently works under, after contracting his first client. With Styremont, Ahmet specialized in Consumer Goods & eCommerce. At 25, Ahmet began providing his expertise to the NJSBDC at Rutgers-Newark, conducting informative webinars and providing counseling to the center's clients.

Ahmet is familiar with the struggles of achieving financial self-sufficiency, the perceptions held about entrepreneurship, and the difficulties underserved communities face. His non-traditional educational path, culminating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University’s Extension School and plans for a future PhD, has also left an impact on him. Ahmet’s is passionate about helping beneficiaries achieve their dreams and become financially self-sufficient so they can reach their potentials. With MAIN, he hopes to achieve these goals.


*MAIN is currently vetting and recruiting board members. Interested individuals should contact us if they would like to join our board*

*Redesign in Progress*

Advisory Council

*MAIN seeks to build relationships with organizations that support our mission to promote entrepreneurship and offer a deeper level of resources, assistance, and guidance to help us achieve our mission. If your organization is interested in joining our advisory council, please contact us to discuss your interest*

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