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Forming a NJ LLC - Doing it Yourself!

Forming a NJ LLC is a straightforward process for most simple business types in the state of New Jersey. The state provides a convenient website and online portal called Online Business Entity Filing that lets you handle most of your business registration, amendment, and payment needs just with a computer and internet access.

Middle America Impact Network (MAIN) encourages the use of the state's business guide that serves as a helpful resource for information on starting your business in New Jersey:

When you're in the process of registering your business, you'll find yourself being asked your business purpose. You can provide specifics about your business or you can provide a general purpose statement such as below. If you're not entirely sure about your exact plans for your business (though you definitely should have an idea of what kind of business you want to run), the General Purpose statement is also useful to helping move the registration process along so you can establish your LLC.

LLC General Purpose Statement

“The purpose for which this company is formed is for the transaction of any and all lawful purposes for which a limited liability company may be organized under the laws of the state of New Jersey.”

Keep in mind that you'll be asked for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) during the registration process. It's strongly recommended you obtain your EIN first, which is entirely free and akin to your company's SSN in terms of identification purposes, from the IRS:

This information is supplied as a guide and is not a substitute for legal or professional advice. It is the responsibility of the business owner to comply with all local, county, and state regulations.

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