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Volunteer Positions

MAIN is always open to volunteers who want to support our mission and are interested in contributing to an organization that looks to provide urban communities the training to achieve financial self-sufficiency.

Please submit the form below if you're interested in volunteering in the positions currently sought or if you'd like to suggest a different way to volunteer. Volunteering with us will not only help us make a better impact but create learning opportunities as we deliver our programs and workshops.

Volunteers who are interested in the fields of business, marketing, economic development, community development, and workforce development would especially benefit from our lending a hand. We hope you will consider contributing your skills and helping MAIN provide the training, resources, and network to the communities we serve.

Program Directors

MAIN has open positions for program directors for volunteers who are interested in being directly involved in conducting outreach and promotion of our programs. This is an opportunity for individuals who are interested and supportive of our mission to make impactful contributions.

Training on the program content and objectives will be provided by the Executive Director. Hours are flexible and the only requirement is timely communications and being available for program-related workshops.

Language Assistants

MAIN has a need for volunteers who can speak the following languages fluently: Turkish, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Albanian, and Spanish.

Language assistants will attend in-person workshops to assist instruction by providing any necessary translating. They will also aid in partial translation of outreach and workshop material. Language assistants will receive training on the workshops they're assigned to as they will also function as aides in the workshop.

Marketing Specialist

MAIN is seeking volunteers to assist with marketing and content copywriting. Volunteers in this role will help improve our communication material, provide valuable feedback on SEO and marketing strategy, and help us achieve more effective outreach.

Training will be provided on MAIN's mission, programs, and workshops to help the marketing specialist design the best plan. We would appreciate a set number of hours of support a week but volunteers can decide the amount of time and are not required, but can optionally choose, to attend workshops.

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Volunteer Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer! We will contact you shortly to learn more about your background and discuss how you can get involved.

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